Aikido is a Japanese martial art that has the central and primary goal of creating harmony out of conflict. As we experience our physical practice, we find that the concepts that we learn on the mat can be applied to many other aspects of our lives. We learn to remain relaxed and grounded in the face of conflict, learn to blend and connect with the energy of our partner, learn to redirect negative energy by welcoming and absorbing it into our own ever-expanding sphere of compassion… these are all concepts that can become habit with practice and applied to physical, mental and emotional interactions.

Discounts available for non-profits, community and municipal organizations.
Depending on which workshop you are interested in, they may be offered in our own space or at your business, organization, or conference location.
Some of these workshops are periodically offered by Rivertide as events open to the public.
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“Alternative Leadership Approaches through the Philosophies of Aikido”
This workshop is intended to support those in leadership or guidance positions. When we face resistance, as those in leadership and guidance positions often do, our heart rates increase, we become more rigid in structure, and we often become defensive. These nearly universal reactions make it easy to get swept up in the conflict and negativity of others, no matter how noble our intentions or how strong our vision. In this workshop we offer a unique framework for examining these relationships and learning to create a new dynamic both within ourselves and with those around us. Once learned, these dynamics can be applied in nearly any situation, useful for those in corporate, non-profit, or municipal leadership positions.

“Team-Building Workshop: Creating a Matrix of Support through the Cooperative Practices of Aikido”
In this workshop, participants work on developing and enhancing their own sphere of positive energy, and learning how to use that sphere of energy to blend with and support other team members. We utilize gentle blending exercises and movements that can be practiced by individuals of varying ages and abilities. This workshop is intended to enhance the unity and performance of any team seeking to work together to accomplish a goal or set of goals.

“Introduction to Women’s* Self-Defense: A Different Approach”
While many people assume that self-defense is a matter of physical tactics, there is a more fundamental skill set that includes awareness, centering, grounding, and expansion of both your physical and energetic space. Through these elements we can learn to more fully look after ourselves in situations of physical or emotional conflict between strangers, aquaintances, loved ones, or even within ourselves.
(*The objective of this program is to offer a welcoming and non-threatening atmosphere that many women in particular seek in order to explore the topic of self-defense, but individuals of various genders who seek and respect such an atmosphere are welcome to participate.)

“Recovering from Trauma: Somatic Healing through the Principles of Aikido”
This program is offered to support those suffering from a particular trauma, or those struggling to deal with the small traumas that we all experience in daily life. We utilize simple movement and mindfulness exercises which will explore and change physical, emotional and cognitive responses you may have developed to survive trauma, but which are now keeping you from living fully and happily. These exercises are safe for everyone, with no falling. This program is also beneficial for those who may incidentally or directly interact with survivors and who want to better understand and fulfill their needs.

“Falling and Maneuvering: An Introductory Guide to Enhancing Safety in Sports”
Intended for sports coaches, parents, and others involved in athletics, this six week workshop delves into the physical practice of learning to fall, roll, and get out of the way in ways that are safe, efficient, and most likely to protect us from injury in the face of an unexpected physical event. Known as “ukemi” and “tai sabaki” in the practice of Aikido, these are the ways that we learn to move in our daily practice in order to safely receive strikes and throws from our partners, and that we seek to share with others who could benefit from such skills.

“Beyond Fight or Flight: Tactical Aikido Training for Law Enforcement”
Among law enforcement, there is a heightened expectation of ability to both diffuse and disarm any conflict situation. Aikido, with its focus on both instantaneous resolution and on creating a peaceful resolution, offers a framework for de-escalating a volatile situation and maintaining a position of calm authority. This six week workshop will include a focus on both the physical and mental practice of resolving conflict.