Private Instruction

Private lessons are intended to meet the individual’s needs based on experience and goals. A conversation will take place before hand, so the individual will know what to expect from their lesson.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • An introduction to Aikido to get an overall sense of the principles involved in the art.
  • Extra help in learning how to fall safely and comfortably.
  • Help seasoned students transcend a plateau in their training. Work on posture, breathing, footwork or on particular techniques.
  • If you would like to try Aikido with a friend, partner or child.
  • If you need guidance in learning how to work around a physical limitation or injury.

Private lessons can be scheduled with Patrick or Arielle.

1 hour $50 for non-members
1 hour $30 for members
$10 for each additional person

Contact us to schedule a private lesson.