Water Walk for Life: Catskill Potluck Dinner and Gathering

The Water Walk for Life, a 13 day/170 mile prayer walk, intends to connect communities along the Hudson River Valley, land held sacred by many, and raise awareness of the threats to our shared water. On Sunday July 30, the Peace Walkers will be landing in Catskill, NY, where we will be hosting a gathering and pot luck dinner for them, as well as providing overnight accommodations. For more information about the Walk or to join a portion of the walk, go to http://www.graftonpeacepagoda.org/category/peace-walk/

To volunteer to help support the Peace Walkers during their stay in Catskill, contact info@rivertideaikikai.org. Support could include providing washroom facilities upon their arrival in Catskill Village, helping transport them from the Village of Catskill to Rivertide Aikikai on Old Kings Rd, or helping to provide breakfast for them on the morning of July 31 as they prepare to begin their walk from Catskill to Ravena.