Congratulations to Rivertide Kids!

We have recently had two wonderful groups of kids graduate our introductory six week programs. Our Wednesday class for kids 8(ish) to 12 was an energetic group with an impressive drive to learn and great willingness to have fun along the way. We were so impressed with the depth of their interest that it didn’t take long for us to begin putting bokkens* and jos* in their hands for even more intensive training. Alongside their enthusiasm, they remained very tuned in to their exercise of ‘awareness,’ the word I probably used more than any other, especially while all were holding long wooden practice weapons! There was such enthusiasm for the class that we have made it an ongoing program in which they continue to deepen their practice and find new ways to explore the concepts of Aikido. For any who may be interested, contact us for available openings at 518 943-4000
(*Bokken: a wooden training sword used in aikido.  Jo: a wooden training staff used in aikido.)














On December 12, 2016 our ‘Family Style’ class for kids 4-7 and parents graduated as well. In that age range, we had quite a variety of developmental stages among our kids, which made for a vibrant six weeks. Interspersed with aikido concepts were explorations of numbers and shapes and animal forms and even dancing (some of these interspersed elements were my suggestions and some were straight from the kids themselves.) The class blended the practice of a gently structured format with the practice of flexibility of mind and body, where the shapes we learned to make with our bodies (circle! bear! tiger! triangle! frog!) contributed ever more to the fun we could have doing aikido. Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of both the kids and parents who participated in this program, ‘Family Style” will also be continued as an ongoing class. Contact us for available openings at 518 943-4000

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  1. Good evening…I’m interested in the kids classes. I have a 12 yo son…but split custody and limited time when he’s local. (Just weekends). Can you tell me what the schedule is, costs etc?

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