Body & Blade Fitness: 1st Class FREE!

Body & Blade is a fun and playful workout that is open to everyone! Channel your inner warrior with sword cuts, strikes and blocks for a unique physical challenge. Using a bokken – the traditional Japanese practice sword, you will move through a total body workout that incorporates core strength, cardio-training, balance and mental focus that will leave you invigorated. Variations on the drills will be incorporated so you can ease into or ramp up the workout according to your fitness level.
In this workout you will be using your body three-dimensionally, moving from your core to find a fluid stability and balance within each movement. In moving with your bokken, you can feel the extension and expansion of your energy from an increased range of motion through space. You will learn to connect your breath with your movement to create a flow of energy that will help energize you throughout the workout and into your daily life.
Body & Blade is a program developed by martial artists with an extensive background in traditional Japanese sword work. Over our years of study we came to recognize that aside from the satisfaction that comes from the rigor of intensive training, the *fact* is that swinging a sword is just plain fun!  We began to wonder if there was a way to merge our love of sword training with our interest in overall fitness and health. With over 30 years of combined martial arts experience, as well as an ongoing study of yoga, body weight exercises, locomotion movements and nutrition, we developed our Body & Blade program. 
You don’t have to be a martial artist to join a Body & Blade workout – just drop in to our group fitness class and find your inner Samurai today! 
Fridays at 7:30am